About Me

  • I am an ethical go-getter that knows every problem has a solution

  • I believe that life is what I make of it and that patience is an essential element to success

  • I feed off of the synergy of group effort but know when and how to take personal responsibility

  • I am a reforming perfectionist that believes "a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week" - Gen. George S. Patton

  • My key strengths are understanding the root of an issue, the fundamentals of a concept, and the core vision of a venture

  • My weakness is that I have to eat, sleep, and occasionally use the restroom

My Work Philosophy

  • No situation is hopeless

  • Earnest failure with relentless perseverance breeds innovative success

  • Reason decides; emotion motivates

  • Skillful tact plus bold fearlessness equals unstoppable leadership

My Passions

  • I revel in any endeavor where technicality and creativity converge, whether cooking, woodworking, web design, infrastructure design, software development, etc.

  • Family is my motivation, as well as my priority

  • I have a firm love for God and country, but won't force my views on anyone

  • I love to serve where I can and plan on leaving the world better than I found it

Academic Summary

To work for you, all I need is an interview.

Contact Info

801.613.9833 jasonrhardman@protonmail.com LinkedIn StackOverflow GitHub Thingiverse