Professional Summary

Information Technology Experience Summary | 8+ Years

Information Technology Experience Summary
(8+ Years)

  • Tek Systems (Contracting with Church of Jesus Christ of LDS) (5 months)

  • Galileo Financial Technologies, Inc. (2.3 years)

  • Pure Storage (1.5 years)

  • DellEMC, formerly EMC (3.5 years)

  • Unisys (1.5 years)

Tek Systems (Contractor) | Applications Systems Engineer | June 2021 to Present

Tek Systems (Contractor)
Applications Systems Engineer
June 2021 to Present

- Contracting with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -

- Projects -

  • Updated PGP encryption keys and associated automation scripts utilized by the Church Unit Banking System

  • Replaced dated RHEL 5 Linux FTP Server with RHEL 7 Linux FTP server for Quality Assurance Team to meet software patching compliance

  • Currently updating various application infrastructure Visio documentation for multiple environments

  • Set up 17 servers, 3 service user accounts, and a service group for BMC Control-m implementation

  • Created and updated several bash scripts for automated processes such as thread-checking, archiving, and user auditing

  • Contribute to application maintenance, planning, and implementation discussions and decisions

Galileo Financial Technologies, Inc. | Linux Systems & Storage Admin | Feb 2019 to June 2021

Galileo Financial Technologies, Inc.
Linux Systems and Storage Admin
Feb 2019 - June 2021

- Projects -

  • Migrated the customer support and customer-facing docuwikis to a newer version of CentOS as part of a docuwiki update - also recovered a lost account which enabled editing dated portions of the wiki

  • Reconfigured Oracle Enterprise Linux database servers to have bonded interfaces

  • Migrating numerous boot, datastore/domain, and direct-attached LUNs from old EMC Storage Arrays (VNX and XtremIO) to newer Pure and NetApp arrays

  • Set up the Rubrik Backup appliance to replace our dated EMC Avamar and DataDomain backup and recovery solutions

  • Decomissioned an EMC VNX storage array

  • Coordinated and participated in creating physical and virtual servers in Denver to mirror Salt Lake as part of our disaster recovery plan

- Typical Tasks -

  • Week-long on-call rotation about once every 5 weeks

  • Occasional off-peak or change window maintenance

  • Monitor OSSEC/WAZUH for potential security threats

  • Monitor Zabbix for resource utilization issues

  • Monitor Splunk for other issues

  • Full-stack storage management

  • Create, decommission, and update/patch Linux servers

  • Create, update, and maintain internal documentation

  • Manage disaster recovery appliances and environment

  • Infrastructure implementation and design collaboration

  • Managing user accounts in Linux, CA PAM, & Guacamole

  • RSA appliance and client access management

  • Monitor and manage server storage capacity

  • Monitor and assist with Linux support requests

Pure Storage | Technical Services Engineer 2 | Jun 2017 to Feb 2019

Pure Storage
Technical Services Engineer 2
Jun 2017 - Feb 2019

- Accomplishments -

  • Became expert at bash scripting

  • Member of Pure's Small Council

  • Took among the highest volume of calls

  • Participated with TSE 2 escalations team

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a number of areas

  • Consistantly high in customer Net Promoter Score

- SME Subjects -

  • Bash scripting

  • All-Flash-Arrays

  • Block-level storage performance

  • IO flow

  • SAN connectivity

  • Escalated cases

DellEMC | Technical Services Engineer 1 and 2 | Oct 2013 to Jun 2017

Technical Services Engineer 1 & 2
Oct 2013 - Jun 2017

- The Unified Team (Supporting VNX Data Mover) -

  • Worked with Governments and Gov Contractors

  • Supported file-level NAS and SAN devices

  • Became familiar with NFS and CIFS/SMB file sharing

  • Became familiar with RAID and Disk management

  • Learned to de-escalate heated customers

  • Developed a calm demeanor amidst chaos and calamity

- The XtremIO Team (DellEMC's All-Flash-Array) -

  • Was a key member of the Recovery team

  • Took ownership of cases where data was unavailable or lost

  • Wrote a number of bash scripts to facilitate team's support role

  • Solidified expertise in SAN and SCSI concepts and practices

  • Trained team members in handling escalated cases

  • Managed all scripted tools used by the support team

  • Trained team members in SAN, storage, and Linux

  • Trained new team member out of state for two weeks

- Accomplishments -

  • Awarded certificate for hardest worker in training

  • Among top 3 in overall test scores and sales presentations

  • Recieved numerous awards for customer interactions

  • Invited to a number or round-table discussions

  • Trained multiple new groups with mock support scenarios

  • Discovered vulnerability in the XtremIO security

  • Pursuaded Engineering to develope GNU screen script

  • Developed bash IDS for lab arrays

  • Developed XML parser script for analyzing array data

  • Became adroit at using awk to parse information

  • Developed WEX (Work Environment for XtremIO) in bash

  • Edited, proofed, and authored numerous KB articles

  • Had rare self-publishing rights for KB articles

  • Interviewed candidates for Dedicated Service Engineer

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